Reece Appraisal Group provides reliable, accurate and timely commercial real estate appraisals in the Southeast US, with a strong emphasis on our home state of Georgia. At Reece Appraisal Group, we are committed to providing our clients with accurate and unbiased appraisals with meticulous attention to quality and timeliness. We believe our ability to promise high quality appraisals under tight deadlines, and stick to these deadlines, is what sets us above the rest. We want to be the appraisal firm that deserves your business, not just the first time, but every time.

So why choose Reece Appraisal Group for your valuation and advisory services?

  • Our firm has a combined 62+ years of experience valuing highly complex assets across all major property types.
  • We invest heavily in our technological and operational processes to meet even the most complex client needs with quality and timeliness.
  • Our boutique size affords us with low overhead and quick, direct communication with clients, often resulting in reduced client costs and confusion over larger appraisal firms.
  • We only operate in markets that we are proficiently familiar with. We strive to do the best appraisals, not the most.

Please review our services to see how Reece Appraisal Group can help solve your valuation and advisory needs. Want to know more about what sets us above the rest? Learn more about us and order an appraisal  today!

Advisory Services
In addition to commercial real estate appraisals, we also offer a range of advisory and support services for our clients. We offer commercial and residential investment advisory services and commercial property inspection and reporting, as well as several unique services to fit our client’s individual needs. Please see our Services Page for more details, or email us with any questions about how we may be able to help solve your toughest real estate problems today.
Commercial Appraisal
Our Certified General Real Property Appraisers are highly experienced to take on even the most challenging valuations, having worked on assignments with values exceeding $500 million. With our institutional-quality commercial appraisal experience, we can confidently service our client’s needs regardless of size or complexity.

Services Area Map
We are committed to providing our clients the highest quality product, which is why we tend to limit our appraisal services to Georgia. However, Reece Appraisal Group has years of experience in most markets along the east coast and we obtain temporary permits/licenses as needed for many other states. We value each and every client, so if you do not see your area in our map, please contact us and we can most likely accommodate your inquiry.